Giraffe sculpture trail

Cambridge Standing Tall was a giraffe sculpture trail in the city centre in spring 2024.

It was run by Break, a charity working in Cambridgeshire to raise aspirations of the county’s young care leavers.

About the trail

There were 31 large giraffe sculptures to locate, each decorated by an artist and sponsored by a local business. Alongside them there were also 60 mini giraffes, created by local schools and community groups.

This towering sculpture trail brought together communities from all corners of the city and encouraged them to look up at the spectacular art on offer while supporting Break.

The giraffes represented the charity Break standing tall for young people with care experience.

The Cambridge City Council sponsored giraffe

Savannah's Golden Guardian giraffeWe were proud to sponsor of the giraffes to support this trail and charity.

We are keen to support care leavers and recently passed a motion to treat care experience as a protected characteristic.

The trail was a free activity open to everyone that encourages people to visit different parts of the city which also supports our local businesses.

It was also a brilliant way to encourage people to find out more about Break’s work, how to fundraise and support them.

About the giraffe

  • Number: 24
  • Sculpture title:
  • Location: Parker’s Piece, Regents Terrace
  • Artist: Rebecca Amphlett, Dandelion Mosaics

Savannah’s Golden Guardian was a tribute to the role giraffes have as guardians of their ecosystem. They have a crucial role to play in maintaining the balance of their habitat, with the golden hues bringing the glow of the savannah at sunset.

Designed by mosaic artist Rebecca Amphlett of Dandelion Mosaics, the sculpture represented the opportunities for growth, renewal, and was a reminder that, just like the giraffe, we have the strength, resilience, and potential to become the guardians of our own lives and the lives of those around us.

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