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Cambridge City Council

Sponsor a tree

We work hard to protect and manage the city’s trees, and to encourage the planting of more. Our new partnership will enable you to help us do this.

Trees for Streets, a national tree-sponsorship scheme, makes it easy for you to donate and contribute to the planting and watering of trees in your neighbourhood.

You can choose to sponsor a tree on a street where you live, or a ‘celebration tree’ on one of our parks and open spaces. You might do this to mark the birth or death of a loved one, or to commemorate another notable event. You can sponsor a tree as an individual or an organisation.

Sponsor a tree

Cambridge residents have really taken to sponsoring and watering new street trees across the city since the launch of the scheme in 2021. More than 100 trees have been funded so far through our sponsorship scheme. You can read more about the scheme’s success so far on Trees for Streets.

Find out more about how the tree-sponsorship scheme works.

Trees for Streets is a not-for-profit collaboration between the Trees for Cities charity and the Start with Local social enterprise. It wants to support the planting of 250,000 new trees nationwide over the next 10 years.

Why sponsor a tree?

We are lucky to have so many trees in Cambridge, with many of our streets and parks lined with wonderful specimens. We work hard to protect and manage them, and any help you can provide makes that job easier.

Trees provide many benefits to our wellbeing. They protect us from the sun and from bad weather, and from noise and air pollution.

The ‘canopy cover’ provided by all trees makes the city a pleasant place to live, work and visit. It can have a positive effect on property values and retail performance.

By sponsoring a street tree, you’ll be helping to:

  • fight climate change and pollution
  • improve the health of everyone in your neighbourhood
  • leave a legacy that will last for generations
  • create a haven for wildlife
  • make your street a nicer place to live

If you want to help us spread the message, you can download and share a leaflet about the project [PDF, 0.1MB].

Other ways to help

If you cannot sponsor a tree, you can still help us manage the city’s trees.

For example you could help us water new trees, help us map the city’s trees, or plant a tree in your garden.

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