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Cambridge City Council

Findings published from conversations with Cambridge residents about 'What matters most?'

19 June 2023

During February and March Cambridge City Council conducted a series of in-person conversations and online surveys to ask people living in Cambridge what matters to them – with the results of the engagement exercise being published [PDF, 2MB] earlier this month.

465 residents responded to the online survey, and a further 384 people’s views were captured through the series of in-person conversations. Participants most valued:

  • Living within walking or cycling distance of amenities and services (44%)
  • Open and green spaces (39%)
  • A sense of community (32%).

People also valued being able to travel using cycle paths or other active travel; being able to exercise in green/pleasant spaces; low levels of noise; and good provision of leisure, events, shops and cultural experiences.

The full report on the findings has been published this month with analysis.  

The feedback from residents has been used to help shape the ‘Cambridge rich picture’, a visual tool (shown below) that has been developed by the council, having listened to residents and partners, to represent the city as a whole system. It depicts the city’s priorities, showing where attention should be focused, and will be used to support future engagement activities and to help inform council and partner priorities.

Cambridge rich picture

Cllr Mike Davey, Leader of Cambridge City Council, said: “This engagement work is the starting point of the council working more collaboratively with residents and communities across Cambridge.

“What we’ve heard will feed into the council’s transformation programme, including what we’re doing to plan the services we deliver in the future. It will help shape future priorities and outcomes for residents and communities.

“The ‘State of the city’ dashboard, which is due to be published in July, will complement the Cambridge rich picture. It will show how we are making a difference to people’s lives and how close the council is to realising the ambitions captured in the Cambridge rich picture, so we can work with residents and partners to make a positive difference.

“Thank you to everyone who spared their time to attend pop-up events and complete the survey to give us this valuable feedback.”

This work is part of the council’s transformation programme, Our Cambridge, which aims to create a more modern and community-focused council delivering services through better use of technology and new ways of working. The programme will also contribute to required savings.