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Cambridge City Council

Local elections on 4 May - what to expect at Cambridge polling stations

28 April 2023

NEXT Thursday 4 May, elections take place across the city for 16 of the 42 seats on Cambridge City Council, as well as a by-election in the Arbury division of Cambridgeshire County Council.

There are 54 polling stations across 43 sites in the city, which will be open from 7am-10pm on polling day. Residents’ poll cards indicate which polling station in their ward they should use. People do not have to take their poll card with them to the polling station but it can save time if they do so.

This year for the first time, following the introduction of new national legislation, everyone voting in person will need to show an acceptable form of photo ID to receive a ballot paper and cast a vote. If your photo ID has expired you can still use it as long as the photograph still looks like you.

Acceptable forms of photo ID include passport, drivers’ licence, blue badge, older or disabled person’s bus pass, Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) card, the new Voter Authority Certificate and many more. For the complete list of acceptable forms of ID visit

If you cannot provide acceptable photo ID, you will be advised to leave the polling station and to return with one of the acceptable forms of ID before a ballot paper can be issued to you. The decision of the Presiding Officer in the polling station will be final.

A separate area will be available for people who would like their ID viewed in private and anyone wishing for their ID to be checked by a female member of staff can request this. People wearing face coverings for any reason will be asked to remove them temporarily, but this can be done in private.

Original documents must be provided as photocopies or copies of images on mobile phones or other electronic devices will not be accepted.

All polling stations are accessible to people with a mobility or visual disability and election staff will be on hand to assist anyone with particular requirements or questions. Residents with queries about their polling station can contact the council’s Electoral Services team on 01223 457048.

Robert Pollock, Returning Officer, said: “Voting in person at a polling station will be different this year, so we ask people to be patient as everyone gets used to the new system.

“The main things to remember are to check you have a valid form of photo ID and to bring it with you when you go to the polling station. If you have any concerns or questions when you get to the polling station, just ask a member of staff and they will be very happy to help.”

The polling stations for this year’s elections are as follows:

Abbey ward
: Barnwell Baptist Church, Howard Road CB5 8QS
ABA: East Barnwell Community Centre, Newmarket Road CB5 8LP
ACA: River Lane Community Room, 50 River Lane CB5 8HP
ADJ: St Matthew’s Parish Rooms, St Matthew’s Street CB1 2LT

Arbury ward
: Good Shepherd Church Hall, Mansel Way CB4 2EQ
BBB/BDC: St. Luke's Church Centre, Victoria Road CB4 3DZ

Castle ward
Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington Avenue CB3 1AA
CBC/CFB: St. Augustine's Church, Richmond Road CB4 3PS
CCC: Castle Street Methodist Church, Castle Street CB3 0AH
CDC/CEI: Churchill College (Seminar Rooms 3 and 4), Storey’s Way CB3 0DS

Cherry Hinton ward
: St. Andrew's Church Centre, Cherry Hinton Road CB1 3JS
DBD: Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre, Colville Road CB1 9EJ
DCD/DDK: St. Philip Howard Church Centre, Walpole Road CB1 3TH

Coleridge ward
: St. Thomas’ Church Hall, Ancaster Way, Cambridge CB1 3TT
EBK/EDK: Lichfield Hall, Lichfield Road CB1 7BS
ECL: St. Martin’s Church Hall, Suez Road CB1 3QD

East Chesterton ward
: St Andrew’s Hall, 97 St Andrew’s Road CB4 1DH
FBF: Chesterton Methodist Church, Green End Road CB4 1RW
FCG: Brown's Field Youth and Community Centre, 31A Green End Road CB4 1RU

King's Hedges ward
: Arbury Court Library, Arbury Road CB4 2JQ
GCG: Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road CB4 2LD

Market ward
HAH: St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church, 43 St Andrew’s Street CB2 3AR
HBH: Wesley Methodist Church (The Nave), King Street CB1 1LG
HCJ: Christian Science Church, Panton Street CB2 1HS

Newnham ward
: Trinity Old Field Pavilion, Grange Road CB3 9AA
IBI: St Mark's Church Community Centre, Barton Road CB3 9JZ
ICH: Fisher Hall, Guildhall Place CB2 3QQ

Petersfield ward
: St. Matthew's Parish Rooms, 2 St. Matthew's Street CB1 2LT
JBJ: The Salvation Army Community Centre, 104 Mill Road CB1 2DB
JCJ: Signal Box Centre, Glenalmond Avenue Cambridge CB2 8DB

Queen Edith's ward
: St. John the Evangelist, Hills Road CB2 8RN
KBK/KDK: St. James' Church, Wulfstan Way CB1 8QJ

Romsey ward
: Ross Street Community Centre, Ross Street CB1 3UZ
LBL: C3 Centre, 2 Brooks Road CB1 3HR
LCL: Romsey Mill, Hemingford Road CB1 3BZ

Trumpington ward
: Trumpington Village Hall, High Street, Trumpington CB2 9HZ
MBM/MCM: Clay Farm Centre, Hobson Square, Trumpington CB2 9FN

West Chesterton ward
: Milton Road Library, Ascham Road CB4 2BD
NBC: New Chesterton Institute, Holland Street CB4 3DL
NCE: St Laurence’s Catholic Church, 91 Milton Road CB4 1XB
NEH: Castle Street Methodist Church, Castle Street CB3 0AH