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Cambridge City Council

Statement on hoax posters

6 April 2023

A statement was issued following a media enquiry about hoax posters which had appeared in the city centre, featuring the city council logo. The posters falsely implied that the council was condoning illegal drug use. 

A Cambridge City Council spokesperson said: “These signs are clearly fake and we are disappointed that this organisation is using Cambridge City Council’s logo without permission and in doing so trivialising the effects of illegal drug use, and undermining work to tackle drug-related crime in Cambridge. We will remove any signs like this which we are made aware of.

“Along with our partners in the Cambridge Community Safety Partnership, including the police, probation services, and health providers, we fully understand the impact of drugs on users and communities, and work to tackle community safety issues linked to drugs and safeguard vulnerable people from exploitation, including through supporting the successful Cambridgeshire Against County Lines scheme and Operation Hypernova.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach towards flyposting and will consider issuing proceedings against any organisation or individual found to be causing this form of nuisance. We can issue a fixed penalty notice of £150 to anyone caught flyposting."