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Cambridge City Council

Huntingdon Road Cemetery

Huntingdon Road Cemetery, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0JJ
Open all day, every day

Huntingdon Road Cemetery is next to Cambridge Crematorium and accessed from the same approach road.

The cemetery is open all the time.

Burial space is available in traditional, lawned and secular plots on either side of a central driveway. The cemetery also features a green burial site – a copse surrounded by native hedgerows, away from the crematorium gardens.

When you want to arrange a burial, you can buy a grave or use an unpurchased grave.

Flowers and wreathes

On special occasions throughout the year, you can leave floral tributes or wreaths on your grave.

At Christmas and Easter, we will leave your tributes in place for up to four weeks. For Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, we will leave them for up to two weeks.

We might remove tributes sooner if they begin to noticeably deteriorate.

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