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Buy a grave

You can buy a grave at Huntingdon Road Cemetery, where there are areas dedicated to different people and cultures. We will allocate a space in the section you choose.

You can choose a traditional space, on which you can install a full headstone and kerb set, or a lawn grave. Lawn graves have space for a memorial and vase if you want, but will otherwise be grassed over.

We will give you a deed of grant to prove that you own the grave. You might be asked to produce it if you ever want to make any alterations to the grave or memorial.

You can buy a grave at any time – when you need it, or in preparation for the future, to ensure that loved ones can be buried alongside each other. Contact us if you wish to purchase a grave in advance.

When you buy a grave, you can choose to purchase the exclusive right of burial for 50, 75 or 99 years. We will contact you every five years to ask whether you want to update the rights to add on an extra five years, to restore the lease up to 99 years. Renewals will be subject to an inspection of any headstone or memorial – we will require you to repair any defects we find.

If at the end of the lease you choose not to extend it, or if we cannot contact you, the rights will revert to us and you must remove any headstones or memorials. If we cannot contact you the rights will revert back to us – we reserve the right to remove the headstone or lay it down to make it safe.

You can transfer your right of burial to somebody else at any time. Contact us to arrange and pay for this. If necessary after your death, the executor of your will or your next of kin should contact us arrange the transfer.

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