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Cambridge City Council

Resident’s parking permits

We operate a parking permit scheme for a limited number of homes in the locations listed below.

Some spaces are in car parks attached to the properties, and some are on the roadside.

Permits are available for:

  • Amblecote House
  • Ashley Court
  • Burgess House
  • Cooper House
  • Coronation Mews
  • Daniels House
  • Davy Road
  • Fanshawe Road
  • Fazeley House
  • Gibbons House
  • Hanover Court
  • James Street
  • Princess Court
  • Russell Court
  • Shenstone House
  • Spencer House
  • St David’s House
  • Wheaton House

If your address is not listed, you might be eligible for a parking permit from the county council – read more about residents’ parking in Cambridge. You could also rent a garage or parking space.

Apply for or renew a permit

You can apply for a resident’s permit, visitor’s permit, or both.

  • Permits cost £20 each year and are valid from 1 April to 31 March.
  • Residents’ permits are reduced to £10 for vehicles with CO2 emissions under 75g/km.
  • Visitors’ permits are reduced to £10 for residents who receive PIP Mobility or Attendance Allowance.

Use our online form to apply for or renew a permit if you live at one of the addresses listed below.

Apply for a resident's parking permit


If you are applying for a discounted permit you will have to upload evidence, after which we will contact you to arrange payment. Otherwise, you can pay for your permit when you submit the form.

You are responsible for ensuring that the address and vehicle details you provide are correct and that the vehicle is road legal, with a current MOT, tax and insurance. If you do not do this, your permit will be invalid and we will not issue a refund.

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