Parking payments, tickets and receipts

This page is about paying to park in our car parks. If you have been given a penalty charge notice, read the county council’s information about parking tickets and appeals.

At our multi-storey car parks you can pay with cash, card, or mobile payments including Android Pay or Apple Pay.

The payment machines will calculate the fee when you insert your ticket as you are ready to leave.

You can pay at the payment machines before you return to your vehicle or at the car park exits. If you pay at the exit, you cannot use cash.

At our street-level car parks you can pay by phone with JustPark when you arrive.

You can also use your card to pay at the machine, except at Riverside car park where you only pay by phone. You cannot pay with cash at these car parks.

If you park for multiple days, at our multi-storey car parks the separate days’ tariffs will be combined into a single charge when you leave.

Our street-level car parks limit how long you can stay. Castle Hill car park is the only one you can stay at for more than one day – you must buy a weekly ticket to do this.

If you lose your ticket, you will be charged from 8am on the day of entry until the time we issue a replacement ticket. This applies to all types of ticket, including season ticket QR codes.

If you need a receipt for your parking, press the receipt button when you pay. At the exit, your ticket will be offered back to you. It will show that payment has been made, including VAT information. We cannot produce receipts after you have left the pay station.

Refunds for duplicate payments

If you used JustPark to pay for your parking, you must contact them if you think you have been wrongly charged. JustPark will investigate and refund if appropriate – we cannot issue refunds for these payments.

If you paid at a ticket machine or when you left the car park, some banks mark the payment as a ‘pending’ transaction. This can appear on your statement twice, but the duplicate should disappear soon and you should only be charged once. Contact your bank if it does not disappear.

In the unlikely event that you are charged twice, tell us:

  • the date and time of payment
  • which car park you parked in
  • how much you were charged
  • your bank card number – we only need the first six and last four digits
  • a copy of your full bank statement showing both payments leaving your account

We will investigate and arrange a refund if we agree that you have been incorrectly charged.

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