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Cambridge City Council

Our vision

The Council has a clear vision to lead a united city, ‘One Cambridge — Fair for All’, in which economic dynamism and prosperity are combined with social equality and environmental justice. An international, entrepreneurial, diverse and welcoming city, which is a great place to live, work and learn and which protects its most vulnerable.

It’s a vision we will share and develop, working cooperatively with our residents and partner organisations.

Our Corporate Plan sets out our four key priorities for the city from 2022 to 2027.

‘One Cambridge — Fair for All’

  • A city which believes that the clearest measure of progress is the dignity and well-being of its least well-off residents, which prioritises tackling poverty and social exclusion, recognising that greater social and economic equality are not only a vital aim in themselves but are the most important pre-conditions for the city’s success.
  • An international city which celebrates its diversity and actively tackles discrimination in all its forms, including, but not limited to the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.
  • A city in which all residents feel that they are listened to and have the opportunity to influence public decision making, which values, supports and responds to individual and community initiatives.
  • A city where all residents and organisations appreciate their responsibilities as well as their rights, where people are free to enjoy themselves but also show consideration for others, and where the community works together to reduce harm and nuisance including by education and, where needed, robust enforcement of the law.
  • A city where academia, business and civil society combine, and where mutual understanding and partnerships are developed through joint working, co-operation and community initiatives.

Cambridge — Tackling the climate and biodiversity crises

  • A city that takes robust action to tackle the local and global threat of the climate and biodiversity emergencies, both internally and in partnership with local organisations and residents.
  • A city which seeks to minimise its own environmental impact by cutting carbon, waste and pollution.
  • A city which strives to protect our natural resources.

Cambridge — A great place to live, learn and work

  • A city which strives to ensure that all local households can secure a suitable, affordable local home, close to jobs and facilities.
  • A city which draws inspiration from its unique qualities and environment and its iconic historic centre, and retains its sense of place across the city through positive planning, generous urban open spaces and well-designed buildings, and by providing quality council services.
  • An entrepreneurial city with a thriving local economy, in which businesses are assisted to build on their global and national pre-eminence in learning, discovery and production, and develop a full range of local employment and skills development, while also recognising and delivering on their social responsibilities.
  • A city where high quality public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure make sustainable transport the best way to get around.

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