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Cambridge City Council

Council partners up to offer climate change training sessions for residents

14 March 2023

CAMBRIDGE City Council is providing funding to Cambridge Carbon Footprint to host climate change training sessions for residents to help them make positive changes.

The council has been working to reduce its own emissions and the city’s emissions through the implementation of its Climate Change Strategy (2021-2026). This includes supporting residents in making meaningful changes to their lifestyle and working collaboratively towards the vision of net zero carbon by 2030 for Cambridge.

The free online sessions run by Cambridge Carbon Footprint, ‘How to crack on with it’, provide practical and local advice to help residents reduce their carbon footprint.

Helping to tackle climate change is not the only benefit of attending these sessions – you can find out:

  • How to reduce energy bills
  • About local travel initiatives so you don’t have to spend as much time in the car or in traffic
  • About new ways to use up leftovers to avoid food waste
  • How to find local repair cafes to get things repaired – saving money as well as reducing how much is sent to landfill.

The next session will take place on Tuesday 28 March from 7pm to 8.30pm.

Those in attendance will be helped with:

  • Prioritising actions to make meaningful change in a way that works for them
  • Finding local suppliers, initiatives and practical support
  • Sharing ideas and learning from each other
  • Putting together a plan in a way that helps them to see it through.

Cllr Rosy Moore, Executive Councillor for Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity, said: “It is great that we can work with Cambridge Carbon Footprint to empower residents to take action against climate change. Small steps can make a big difference to the city and the world – for now and for future generations.”

“We hope to build a more climate resilient and sustainable city. Over the past year councillors and council staff have been undertaking Cambridge Climate Change training. Now with Cambridge Carbon Footprint we are opening this up to residents, supporting attendees with advice on how to make practical and easy changes. These can be changes in their home, to how they travel, to what they eat and to the stuff they use every day.

Tackling climate change is one of our key priorities – in 2019 we declared a climate emergency. Since then, we have increased our efforts and our focus on working with residents, community groups and partners to become a more sustainable city.”

Sandy Skelton, Cambridge Carbon Footprint Climate Outreach Officer, said: “People join our sessions for many different reasons – most want to make proactive, positive, practical changes to tackle climate change. They are also looking for ways to reduce energy costs and to make their day-to-day lives more resilient to future energy price rises.

“We’ve had lots of positive feedback, with people saying that they feel more informed about local initiatives and are more motivated to take action as a result of taking part in one of our sessions. It’s heartening to know that there are many people making genuine change in our city and helping others to do the same.”

You can book your place on the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website.