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Cambridge City Council

Electric vehicle charging points

We are working with Connected Kerb to install off-street charging points for electric vehicles around the city.

We have installed charging points at:

Connected Kerb manages the charging points for us. Visit their website or install their app to check current charging prices. There is no membership cost – you only pay to charge your vehicle.

The charging points at Grafton East car park are managed by BP Pulse. We will replace them soon with Connected Kerb points.

Report any problems with these charging points to Connected Kerb using the contact details below. Each charging point has a reference number – tell them this number when you report a problem.

Normal parking charges apply while you recharge your vehicle in a car park. You can be fined if you stay at a charging point for more than four hours between 8am and 6pm.

We are working to install charging points in more car parks and some residential areas. Look out for charging points at the following locations soon:

  • Bliss Way: 4 points
  • Campkin Road car park: 12 points
  • Castle Hill car park: 23 points
  • Colville Road: 4 points
  • Monkswell: 4 points
  • Norfolk Street: 4 points
  • Petworth Street: 4 points
  • St Bede’s Crescent: 4 points

Charging points elsewhere in Cambridge

The county council is responsible for on-street and residential charging points.

Four of the Park & Ride sites around the city have charging points:

  • Babraham Road Park & Ride
  • Madingley Road Park & Ride
  • Milton Park & Ride
  • Trumpington Park & Ride

Some businesses and hotels have electric vehicle charging points.

Zap-Map has an interactive map of charging points across the UK. It includes the types of point available at each location.

Funding and vision

We are using grant funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to install the charging points with Connected Kerb.

Our vision is for Cambridge to be net zero carbon by 2030. Reducing carbon emissions from transport is one of the ways we will achieve this. Read about our climate change strategy for more information about this work.

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