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Cambridge City Council

Street parties

Street parties are a regular fixture every year in some streets. If you are thinking about holding a street party, you will need to:

  • Make sure all residents in your street are happy for the road to be closed on the day
  • Apply for a road closure from Cambridgeshire County Council's traffic management team – remember that it is easier to close a cul-de-sac, because you don't need to worry about diverting traffic
  • Consider taking out insurance to cover you if there are any unexpected issues (like someone breaking their leg during the three-legged race)
  • Check with Cambridge City Council about any licences you might need – it really depends on what you are planning to have at your party and licences may be necessary depending on, for instance, the time of the party, if alcohol or hot food is being sold, or if there will be loud music and dancing.

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