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Cambridge City Council

Report a street that needs cleaning or clearing

We sweep city-centre streets and shop fronts every day and aim to maintain all residential streets to an acceptable standard with regular sweeping.

We support our street-sweeping programme with intensive ‘deep cleans’ on residential streets as needed.

If you think your street needs a thorough cleaning, for example to clear away fallen leaves or fruit, report it using our online form.

We aim to clean the street when needed within 7 days.

Clearing fallen leaves in autumn

The large number of trees in the city means that during the autumn the ground can get covered in fallen leaves.

The leaves can become slippery when they rot, especially in wet weather, so we have a duty to clear them from public roads and pavements. When doing so, we prioritise the following areas, many of which require repeat visits.

  • Areas of high pedestrian use
  • Areas that are prone to flooding
  • Road junctions

We will always visit other all other public roads to clear leaves but are unable to treat all areas with the same priority.

Fallen leaves on private land

Please do not add to our workload by blowing or sweeping leaves from your property onto public land. Doing so is unlawful and adds to the risk of accident or injury to pedestrians and vehicles.

Fallen leaves belong to whoever owns the land they naturally fall onto – you are required to dispose of them from your property responsibly.

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