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Cambridge City Council

Report a problem with a bowling green, kiosk or pavilion

We manage and maintain most bowling greens, food and drink kiosks on parks, and sports pavilions in the city.

If you see a problem at a location listed below, use our form to tell us about it.

Please be as specific as possible when you describe the location of the problem. If you can take a photo of the problem, you can attach it to the form.

We will visit the site within 7 days and take appropriate action.

You should report problems on private land to the owner.

Bowling greens

  • Alexandra Gardens
  • Barnwell bowling green
  • Christ’s Pieces
  • Coleridge recreation ground
  • Lammas Land
  • Trumpington recreation ground


  • Christ’s Pieces
  • Jesus Green
  • Llamas Land
  • Parker’s Piece


  • Alexandra Gardens bowls pavilion
  • Barnwell bowls pavilion
  • Cherry Hinton recreation ground pavilion
  • Chesterton recreation ground pavilion
  • Christ's Pieces bowls pavilion
  • Coleridge recreation ground pavilion
  • Lammas Land bowls pavilion
  • Nightingale recreation ground pavilion
  • Parker’s Piece pavilion (Hobbs’ Pavilion)
  • Sheep’s Green Canoe Club pavilion
  • Trumpington recreation ground bowls pavilion

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