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Cambridge City Council

Report a missed bin collection

This page is about domestic bin collections. If you want to report a missed commercial waste collection, contact the company that collects your waste.

Bad weather, road works and other issues can sometimes mean we’re unable to empty your bins. If this happens, we’ll usually return on the next working day – leave your bin out for collection if you can see that we have not emptied any on your street.

If we have emptied the other bins on your street but did not empty yours, check whether we left a card saying why. For example, perhaps it was overfull, or we noticed that it contained something that should not be in the bin.

If we left a card, we will empty your bin on your next scheduled collection if you have fixed the problem.

If we did not leave a card, report the missed collection and leave the bin out. We will return to empty your bin on the day listed below if we did not leave a card and:

  • your bin was ready for collection by 6am on the correct day
  • access to your bin was clear. It was either on the pavement outside your home, or your gate was unlocked if you have an assisted collection.
  • you tell us about the missed collection on time. You must report it between 3.30pm on your collection day and 3.30pm on the next weekday (Monday to Friday). We will not be able to empty your bin until your next scheduled collection otherwise.
Return visit days for missed bin collections
Scheduled collection day Return visit day
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday

Do not report a missed collection until after 3.30pm on your collection day, even if we usually empty your bin early in the morning. We might be running late or emptying bins in a different order to normal.

Report a missed bin collection for a house

Report a missed bin collection for a flat

Do not use these forms to report a missed commercial waste collection – contact the company that collects your waste.

If you cannot find your address in the list on the house form, phone us to report your missed bin collection. The form for flats does not currently have an address finder, so you can type your address.

For questions about a service we provide, please use our contact us form