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Cambridge City Council

Peak-time parking tariff

We operate a peak-time parking tariff in our multi-storey car parks.

We introduced the tariff to encourage using public transport, cycling or walking. It also aims to encourage visiting at less busy periods of the day.

You’ll pay an increased amount for every hour (or part hour) you park for if you arrive between:

  • 8 and 10am on a weekday
  • 11am and 1pm at the weekend

Check the car park pages for the hourly charges.

Background information

We are working to tackle challenges such as traffic congestion and air quality. We work with local councils and businesses, the university and other partners.

A study in 2015 found that 87,000 cars drive into Cambridge on most weekdays. The city has grown a lot since then and continues to do so.

We need to find effective ways to manage congestion, especially during ‘rush hour’ when commuters travel into and out of the city. Doing this will help us improve the environment for residents, workers and visitors.

We measure nitrogen dioxide levels across the city. Like in most cities, the primary cause is traffic pollution.

Air pollution is a leading risk factor for disease. Estimates suggest that over 5% of deaths in the county can be attributed to air pollution. We face a continuing challenge to prevent any deterioration of the city’s air quality.

Using sustainable transport instead of driving can help to improve your health. The resulting decrease in air pollution can also have a wider benefit for the city.

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