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Pay by phone with JustPark

JustPark will let you pay for your parking using an app on your mobile phone or by making a quick phone call.

You’ll be able to use it at our Adam and Eve Street, Castle Hill, Gwydir Street, Lammas Land and Riverside car parks.

You can register for JustPark at any time, including when you want to use it for the first time. You can register on the JustPark website or in the app

When you’ve registered, paying for your parking is very quick. You can either use the app, or call the local-rate number that will be on display at the car park.

You’ll need to know the car park’s ID number – it’ll be on display around the car park. You’ll also need your vehicle’s number plate, and your payment details.

If you’re running late, you can easily extend your ticket in the app or by sending a text message. JustPark can send you a text or notification to remind you when your ticket is about to expire.

JustPark will store your full parking history, including VAT receipts, so you can easily access this information whenever you need.

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