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Cambridge City Council

South Cambridgeshire District Council sets out next steps for four-day week trial

21 February 2024

South Cambridgeshire District Council introduced a four-day week trial for desk-based staff in January 2023 in a bid to help attract and keep talented colleagues in an incredibly competitive local employment market.

This included staff at Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, a service shared with Cambridge City Council. A trial for crews at Greater Cambridge Shared Waste, another service shared with Cambridge City Council, commenced in mid-September 2023. 

The initial trial for desk-based staff is due to end at the end of March 2024. South Cambridgeshire District Council has today published a new report outlining proposed next steps. 

The report will be discussed at South Cambridgeshire District Council's Employment and Staffing Committee on Thursday 29 February, before Cabinet members will decide on the trial’s next steps at their meeting on Tuesday 12 March.

Given the involvement in the trial of Greater Cambridge Shared Planning and Greater Cambridge Shared Waste staff, the proposals will also be discussed at Cambridge City Council’s Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee meeting on Monday 25 March.

Read the full update from South Cambridgeshire District Council