Canvassing begins on proposals for possible changes to Ekin Road housing

Residents of the Ekin Road estate in Abbey ward are getting another chance to have their say on possible changes to their housing, as door-to-door canvassing gets under way there.

Independent canvassers are aiming to visit each household on the estate between 24 October and 17 November to carry out a confidential survey. They will be asking residents for their detailed views on three potential options for the estate which were approved for further review by Cambridge City Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee in September:

  • Retain the buildings in existing form and undertake essential repairs and retrofitting
  • Partial redevelopment involving retention of houses to the south and east of the estate
  • Full redevelopment of the estate

Residents will have the opportunity to complete the independent survey either using a paper copy to be delivered by canvassers to each household, or online at from 24 October.

Canvassing will be carried out by the company Marengo Communications, who have been taken on by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) who are the council’s independent advisors appointed to assess a number of potential options for the estate.

Canvassers will be recognisable by yellow tabards and will be happy to address any queries residents may have.

Ekin Road residents will also be able to give their views confidentially to Marengo over the phone, or book a confidential in-person appointment with council officers to take place at a local venue. Letters outlining the variety of ways people can take part in this survey are being delivered to all households potentially affected.

The continuing analysis work and the results from the residents’ survey will enable JLL to develop a draft report, scheduled for publication in February 2024. There are then due to be two public consultation events, giving people the chance to comment on and ask questions about the draft report and the recommended options, before a final report is due to be submitted for approval to the council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee in June 2024.

During this period, further regular meetings of the Ekin Road Liaison Group, open to all residents, are due to take place in December, March and June. Residents will be contacted with full details about these meetings before they take place.

The Ekin Road estate currently has more than 120 flats, maisonettes and houses built in the 1950s-60s, including many council homes. Many of the properties there have ongoing maintenance issues and do not meet current standards for sustainability. Ekin Road was identified as an estate to be considered for possible redevelopment in a report presented at the council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee in September 2021.

Since then, the council has started to explore potential options for the estate and in June 2022 began an engagement process with residents to collect feedback from the community. More information on the project so far can be found at

Cllr Gerri Bird, Executive Councillor for Housing and Homelessness, said: “I’d encourage all residents to look out for the independent canvassers visiting in the coming days, and to take part in this survey so they can confidentially state their views on the three potential options for the future of the Ekin Road estate.

“At every stage of our work so far on this project we have striven to be open and honest with residents, and understanding of concerns and issues people have raised. This survey is another great opportunity for people to have their say on the three options, and will help provide a fully rounded picture of residents’ views before next steps are taken.”

Residents can contact the council at any time with questions or concerns at or by phoning 07563 421031. They can also contact their elected Tenant and Leaseholder representatives at