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Cambridge City Council

Owlstone Croft Planning Inquiry

28 September 2023

Further to enquiries about the arrangements for the Owlstone Croft Planning Inquiry that is currently under way at The Guildhall, a spokesperson for Cambridge City Council, said: “Planning Inquiries are run by the Planning Inspectorate, not the council.

"Although this particular Inquiry is being hosted at the Guildhall, the formalities and process are decided by an independently appointed Planning Inspector to determine the appeal.

“Formal parties with an interest in the Inquiry, including the council, were consulted by the Inspectorate in advance of the arrangements.

“This included consideration of whether or not the Inquiry was to be held in person, online or hybrid.

"Parties were consulted in August and agreement was reached that it would be held in person.

"The Inquiry was then publicised as an in person meeting which is open for any member of public to attend. 

"Again, it must be emphasised that these arrangements are a matter for the Planning Inspectorate.”

Although it is not a court of law Planning Inquiry proceedings will often seem to be quite similar.

An Inquiry is open to the public and provides for the investigation into, and formal testing of evidence, usually through the questioning of expert witnesses and other witnesses.

Parties at this Inquiry are formally represented by legal advocates.