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Cambridge City Council

Grazing permits

Common land grazing must be linked to your existing holding as an additional holding.

Graze your cattle on our open spaces

If you want to graze cattle on our open spaces, you must register them with us.

The animals must belong to you, and they must all be attested and have a movement licence.

We operate grazing on the commons listed below between 1 April and 31 October every year. At the start of the season cattle will be placed according to site availability and as advised by our pinder service.

Grazing costs £75 per cow. This is reduced to £48 per cow for herds of 10 or more cows. We will contact you to arrange payment on receipt of your registration form.

Cattle can be grazed on Coe Fen, Coldham’s Common, Midsummer Common, Sheep’s Green, and Stourbridge Common.

We check the cattle regularly while they are grazing our commons, but please contact us if you have any concerns about the animals.

Service related queries

For questions about a service we provide, please use our contact us form