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Cambridge City Council

Freemen on the land and Council Tax

The ‘freeman on the land’ movement believes that people are bound only by the contracts and laws they have consented to. Freemen argue that they are not liable to pay Council Tax.

Being a freeman does not exempt you from paying Council Tax. Your liability for Council Tax does not need your consent or a contract with us. Any assertion to the contrary is incorrect and there is no legal basis upon which to make this argument.

The Local Government Finance Act 1992 determines liability for Council Tax. It also sets out our rights to demand Council Tax to fund services.

If you do not pay your Council Tax, we will take recovery action against you.

We will not respond to any correspondence that submits a freeman on the land argument.

Council Tax is not a direct charge for services provided. It is a statutory tax levied on occupiers (and some owners) for homes within the council’s area.

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