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Debt and money advice

Debt can happen to anyone. Free advice and support can help you find ways to manage your debts and reduce how much you pay each month.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice provides information and advice on many matters including debt, employment problems, housing problems, family law and divorce and consumer problems.

They also offer help with form filling, letter writing and representation at tribunals.

Debt charity: Step Change

Step Change is a dedicated debt charity offering free debt advice and money management.

Businesses or self-employed debt advice

Business Debtline is run by the Money Advice Trust and can help those who are self-employed or have small businesses.

Beware loan sharks

Please beware loan sharks who lend money outside the legitimate agreed standards for money collection.

You can report a loan shark (in confidence) online.

A safe way to borrow money

As people’s finances become squeezed, it can feel like the only option left is to take out a loan. If you think you need a small loan, a credit union may be a safer way to borrow a small amount of money.

Use the Government’s MoneyHelper website

The Government’s MoneyHelper website has information to help people living on a squeezed income, including a personalised budget planning tool.

This gives you a place to record all your spending; a breakdown of your finances by category; and personalised tips for you.

Unemployed support

Making Money Count offers help with managing money, finding work and renting.

Mental Health Crisis Breathing Space

The Mental Health Crisis ‘Breathing Space’ scheme gives people in problem debt and receiving treatment for a mental health crisis a ‘breathing space’ from the people they owe money to, so they can focus on their mental health recovery.

Find out more, refer someone you know, or apply yourself for a mental health breathing space.

A similar ‘Breathing Space’ scheme is also available for people who are not currently in mental health crisis, which allows individuals time to get debt advice to help relieve the stress caused by debt.

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