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Cambridge City Council

Complain about a taxi or taxi driver

We record all complaints about taxis, except where complainants are unwilling to provide their contact details and in the following circumstances:

Make a complaint

Email us to tell us what happened and when. We will need you to identify the driver or tell us the vehicle licence or registration number. If you cannot provide these details we will be unable to investigate your complaint.

Give us your name, address and, if you would rather be contacted by telephone than by email, your telephone number.

What will happen next

In cases of misconduct the complainant may be required to make a witness statement. Formal disciplinary action may depend on them supporting their statement in person at a disciplinary hearing.

If there are two conflicting accounts of an incident and no independent witnesses then our powers are limited. In such cases, the driver may only be given words of advice on the standard of driving and behaviour expected from licensed drivers.

A record of the complaint will be retained on the driver's record. It will be considered if similar complaints are received that suggest there is a pattern to the driver's behaviour. A number of minor complaints in a short space of time or a similar incident occurring could lead to disciplinary action being taken.

If it is alleged that criminal offences under taxi or private hire legislation have been committed, the council will investigate the offence. A statement will usually be taken from the complainant and other relevant evidence gathered prior to the licence holder being interviewed under caution. If there is sufficient evidence to begin legal proceedings, the complainant may be called to give evidence in court.

If we cannot enforce the offence, the complainant will be advised to refer it to the police or relevant enforcement agency. In such cases disciplinary action will usually be postponed until the police have completed their investigation and closed the incident. This may mean waiting to see if the licence holder is convicted. If the matter requires interim steps, we might suspend the licence pending the completion of the police investigation.

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