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Cambridge City Council

Coldham’s Common

  • Coldham’s Common, Cambridge CB5 8ND

Coldham’s Common is a large expanse of open land in east Cambridge, split into two by the Cambridge-Ipswich railway line and connected by an underpass for pedestrians and cyclists.

Part of the common is classed as a local nature reserve. We manage it to encourage an increase in natural diversity, leaving it fairly wild to preserve a wildlife corridor across the city.

Elsewhere on the common we have marked out full-size and junior football pitches, as well as pitches for Gaelic and American football, and an artificial pitch for football, hockey and other sports. You can hire the pitches at Abbey Pool, on the northwest side of the common.

There is also a play area with a skate runway, ball court and swings.

The artificial pitch is surrounded by a naturally grazed area, known as the Rifle Butts, which is also used as a campsite for the annual Cambridge Folk Festival.

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