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Cambridge City Council

Advertising boards

The inappropriate siting of advertising boards (commonly known as ‘A-boards’) and signs can cause obstructions for pedestrians. This is particularly the case for people whose vision is impaired, and people using wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and push-chairs. It can also affect cyclists.

To help us keep Cambridge attractive and easy to navigate, we ask businesses to place advertising boards appropriately and considerately.

For the full rules, read our advertising boards policy [PDF, 0.1MB].

We ask you not to place more than one advertising board outside your business premises. If you share access or frontage with other businesses, you may still only place one board between you.

  • Your board must be placed within your premises’ property line, and must leave at least 1.5m of unobstructed footpath.
  • It must be freestanding – not chained, tied or affixed to street furniture.
  • It must be heavy enough to prevent it blowing over – don’t use sand bags to stabilise it.
  • It must be no larger than an A1 sheet, and stand no taller than 1.1m.
  • It must be in good condition and appear professionally made.
  • It must be covered by your public liability insurance.

Instead of a double-sided ‘A’-shape board, you can suspend a board from the top rail of a free-standing frame. You may not use a rotating cylinder or lean a board against a wall.

You must remove your board from the street when your business is closed, and during street cleaning or maintenance work.

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