Bin collections for Friday 11 August

Update - Monday 14 August

The outstanding bins were collected on Saturday 12 August.

We have been unable to complete bin collections today due to traffic delays caused by roadworks on the A10. 

Black bins have not been emptied on Stott Gardens, Hopkins Close, Moore Close, Ditton Fields, High Street Chesterton, Maltsters Way, Grayling Close, Thrifts Walk, Church Street Chesterton, Camside, Lynfield Lane, Kirby Close, Birch Close and Fen Road.

Blue bins have not been emptied on Aragon Close, Sackville Close, Woburn Close, Roxburgh Road, Montrose Close and Whitfield Close.

If you are affected please leave your bin out and we will return for it on Saturday 12 August. Thank you.